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    Stompbox mode - saving the 4 channel's settings



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    Stompbox mode - saving the 4 channel's settings

    Post by tplesko on Fri Jun 05, 2015 1:07 pm

    Hi all, I wish to use stompbox mode and the manual states that it 'automagically' remembers the settings without having to store them like you would in Preset mode. But when I dial in a channel in Stombox mode, get it sounding as I wish, then switch to another channel (still in stompbox mode) and then back all of the settings are different.

    I've tried holding "Store" for 3 seconds and the lights flash as they do in Preset Mode but the same result.

    So it doesn't seem like "automagically" is working for me.

    Any ideas? I have a gig tomorrow and want to use this amp but prefer not to use Preset mode. I think stompbox mode will be much better for gigging....cant wait to get this working properly!

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Stompbox mode - saving the 4 channel's settings

    Post by Phrasemaker on Sat Jun 06, 2015 2:21 am

    Powering up, then running your amp with just a guitar and cabinet connected to it you should be able to select a channel and adjust parameters to taste and then switch to another channel and having done the same thing toggle back to the first one you adjusted and find it behaving as you set it. And so on, which at first glance looks like what you are saying you've tried to do. Holding down the store button in my experience does not store those settings, it defaults to other parameters. I've not delved too deeply as to what and why these settings are related to as I don't need to know, as for me the channels as I set them without pushing any buttons stay as I set them until I start twiddling again.

    You should for instance be able to set one of the tone controls at say 12oclock, switch to another channel and alter the same control, then switch back to the previous channel and find that the store light flashes when the tone knob you set at 12oclock returns to that position as an indicator that that's where you last had it for that channel. If you set it at say 2oclock then switch channels again, when you go back to it, it'll flash at 2oclock as that's how you've now set it. If your amp is not behaving in this way, it might be related to the other issue you've posted in respect of.

    In which case it might be worth switching the amp on from cold, do the factory reset so the lights behave as described in the manual for that procedure. Then switch the amp off for a few minutes then back on like you might re boot a computer. If it doesn't behave as described above then, I'd suspect you have a problem beyond unfamiliar user input issues.

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