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    Grandmeister 36 Tube safety control problems



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    Grandmeister 36 Tube safety control problems

    Post by lespaul1964 on Sat Oct 10, 2015 12:28 pm

    I bought a Grandmeister 36 from Musicians Friend just over one year ago. After my last gig I powered my GM36 and got my tipical sound from my external preamp connected with the 4 cable method. When I switched to the GM generated tones I got nothing. I switched back to the external preamp sounds, heard a cracking/scratching noise for a second and have gotten no sound since. Looking at the back of the cabinet I noticed that the four lights on the TSC are permanently on. I tried doing a factory reset and still get the four lights on and no sound.

    I did not send a warranty registration card in, and I live overseas with no authorized HK dealer or repair shop nearby.

    Any thoughts as to what the problem may be? The manual says it could be a tripped fuse, but has no instructions as to how to reset it or change it. Last, if it is not possible to fix it here (I have a gig this tuesday, the 13th and would like to have the amp available), is there anything I could do about the warranty?


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    Re: Grandmeister 36 Tube safety control problems

    Post by VoodooJeff on Sat Oct 10, 2015 4:48 pm

    the fuses are on the PCB, inside the chassis. "Technically" a warranty voiding procedure to open the amp up yourself, but it`s your call. I wouldn`t bet on H&K being really hardass about it, but it wouldn`t be wrong of them if so.

    As for warranty; again, if you have proof of purchase and it`s still under warranty they`ll usually take care of it.

    **if you did blow a fuse, get a few when you purchase replacements. Also, get new tubes. Tube Depot has EL84s for ten bucks right now. If it blows the new fuse immediately after turning it on and with new tubes, the transformer could be blown. It`s the most expensive part in the amp to replace, but the good news is that they don`t just blow for no good reason and will surely be a warranty repair, provided the warranty period hasn`t expired.

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