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    Fun finding with a bass guitar!


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    Fun finding with a bass guitar!

    Post by Raf0419 on Sat Jan 02, 2016 9:21 am

    I've been wanting to learn bass guitar for some time and my wife came up big at Christmas with a beautiful Sterling SUB Ray4 in white. Being new to bass I wanted to get some play time and do some research before jumping in on a bass amp. After rocking out to my son's Rocksmith game on the XBox which routes through an old mid-high end surround sound system I got the "itch" to plug in...

    Not wanting to "hurt" my GM36 and TM112, I plugged into an old 90s era Ibanez toneblaster knowing I wouldn't be crushed if it decided to die. It survived, but the clipping was terrible! Still yearning to just "hear" my new bass, I threw caution to the wind and plugged into the GM36. What a surprise! With amp volume at 12 o'clock and by rolling off the guitar volume, at both 1W and 5W (haven't gone for more for fear of damaging something) I get a bedroom level clean sound with no clipping. cheers Increasing the guitar volume seems to add some grit, but still no clipping. I haven't attempted to tweak or perform tone shaping as I was just more interested in hearing something I could practice with.

    Here's hoping the low end thump will "loosen" up my TM112's V30 and finalize its break-in!
    Let's hope I don't break anything as I'm fully aware neither the GM36 nor the V30 were designed for this. My plan is to occasionally amp up to get a listen on my technique while I continue to search for a bass practice amp.

    It's been fun and I just had to share. Feel free to comment - especially if I'm playing with fire and risking amp or speaker destruction... cherry

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