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    Tube 50 problem



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    Tube 50 problem

    Post by muljator on Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:41 pm

    I got a used H&K Tube 50 recently. It's a great amp but i have a problem. When i crank the volume up to serious levels, preamp at around 3 o'clock or more, i get a strong buzzing noise from the vibrations in the amp. I opend it up to try and solve the problem, changed all the tubes, tried screwing everything better but the problem is still there. Any other Tube 50 users out there? Are these problems normal or common. I noticed the board in the ap is not attached wit screws, but with plasyic clamps that dont hold it tight when vibrations kick in. Not sure if it's sone mod or the way these amps are built.

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