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    What pedals do you use with your TM18?


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    What pedals do you use with your TM18?

    Post by tmcella on Thu Jan 14, 2016 2:58 pm

    I was wondering what other TM18 users have used for pedals with their TM18?

    My current chain is:

    wah>univibe>noise suppressor>Soul Food>Clarksdale>East River Drive>OD GLove>(back through suppressor)>tuner>delay>reverb

    I have been chasing tones for a while now trying different pedals.
    Tried other Wamplers, JHS, etc.....that the TM18 didn't seem to like them
    I play mostly through the clean side.

    What brands or specific pedals have you found to work well with your TM18?
    I am specifically looking for a better distortion pedal than the OD Glove.
    Also, interested in some other modulation. Phaser, flanger, etc......
    Jury is still out on the Soul Food, considering Xotic EP Boost instead
    What about a EQ pedal?

    As far as other equipment, I use:
    H&K 1x12 cab, with V30 speaker
    Fender MIM Strat, modded with Lollar Blackface pups, CTS pots, Switchcraft switches, Wilkinson tremolo, Tusq nut, locking tuners
    DBZ Bolero (LP copy), modded with SD Alnico II Pro's, CTS pots, Switchcraft switche, Schaller roller bridge
    Squier Classic Vibe Tele, modded Wilkinson ashtray bridge

    I play mostly blues, but am getting more into classic/prog rock

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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