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    H&K CC212 cab for sale on ebay


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    H&K CC212 cab for sale on ebay

    Post by gravydb on Wed Jan 27, 2016 8:55 am

    I wasn't sure where to post this, and if I'm breaking any rules by doing so then please delete as necessary, no worries. I just got excited when I spotted it because they are rare.

    I'm not affiliated in any way with the seller. I occasionally look for CC212 cabs on ebay and managed to spot this one, it's the first one I've seen in about 4 yrs:

    These CC212 cabs are rare, they are the 2x12 version of the flagship CC412 cabinet, arguably the best cab made by H&K. I own a CC212, it's my primary cabinet, and I love it. The greenbacks are IMO an excellent match for the Tubemeister/Grandmeister amps. They typically sell new for over $900, so here's a chance to get one about half price, less than the cost of a new TM212. I highly recommend it.

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