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    Continuous Delay happening on GM36


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    Continuous Delay happening on GM36 Empty Continuous Delay happening on GM36

    Post by OzGuitarist on Sun Jul 24, 2016 1:00 am

    G'Day Everyone,

    I've recently just purchased the GrandMeister36 head along with the TM212 cab and also the FSM-432 FootSwitch. Firstly, what a beast of an amp! I couldn't be happier. But I have one issue with it and it's probably my fault while getting to become user friendly with it.
    Now this is my issue and it's bugging me as I'm not really confident with the technical side of these things. but I'm trying to learn.

    Question: "It seems after I finish playing a chord or note on the guitar! I am left with a delay of about 1 second that eventually trails off to silence. I haven't noticed this before. I'd love to get rid of that delay. Any suggestions anyone. I've looked in the manual but there isn't really isn't anything there to help correct this. Any advise would be grateful. Oh! And I am now running other branded pedal through a 4 guitar lead situation (send and return etc) and that delay effect is still there.

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    Continuous Delay happening on GM36 Empty Re: Continuous Delay happening on GM36

    Post by bordonbert on Sun Jul 24, 2016 9:09 am

    Hi OG, welcome to the forum.

    With this problem, I'm assuming you're familiar with how to change the Delay functions. That means using the FX Access switch to access the shared controls for Treble, Middle and Bass when you want to change the Delay Level, Feedback and Delay Time?

    You should start by testing the system with your guitar directly plugged into the GM input, no pedals in the pre-GM chain, and also remove your cables from the Fx Send and Return so the system is absolutely GM36 only.

    Turn the Reverb down fully and then access the FX Access switch and turn all 5 controls fully down.

    Under those conditions there should be nothing active which could give you the feeling of that 1sec tail off in your signal. The reverb and modulation effects could all create the feeling of a delay if they are accidentally left active or if they are faulty, as could some of your external pedals. So we have removed alll of these completely to be sure what we are hearing is true.

    Set it up like that and see if you still have the effect. Would you be able to record a couple of notes and post them up here for us to hear it?

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