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    Showcasing new gear here!


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    Showcasing new gear here! Empty Showcasing new gear here!

    Post by stargazer747 on Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:00 am

    Updated since original post...

    I recently added a new guitar to my collection, this Fender Stratocaster HSS with authentic Floyd Rose aged cherry burst, very nice smooth playing and sounds. Also I have completely changed out my pedalboard and finally rid myself of all digital multi-fx units. My FX chain now consists of independent analog effects from boutique USA manufacturers, see picture below (maybe 1 or 2 are not made in USA). I now have a much warmer tone fully natural and organic, this complement of analog effects bring a rich and lush sound out of my tube amps. Some of you will notice similarities in their names, they all bear a "Space age" moniker, after all I am a 60s, 70s, and 80s closet astronaut. That was my first attraction to them yes, but it was not until I watched many youtube videos on their demo that utterly convinced me. Besides an idiosyncrasy of having a theme for your effects pedalboard is not such a bad thing!

    Back in the day, within my first 15 or so years of guitar playing I went through an endless number of the mainstream brand effects pedals trying to find my tone; MXR, Boss, DOD, Digitech, Ibanez, even Arion. I then rejected them all and moved away from floor effects and towards single rack units like the ART DSP4 and Digitech GSP1101 which I relied heavily upon until I felt that I was missing out on the organic sound that only tube amps can give. Which is why I bought a GM36. Because of this amp I have regained an interest in controlling the sounds of guitar playing via the foot, mainly due to the use of my Tech21NYC MIDI Mouse controller. So with  this recent epiphany coming over me, I found myself grown fond again of stompboxes, I didn't want to start all over again with the usual brand names so I looked for a more exotic lineup which I now have. Check them out on their links, I think you guys would like some of these. However, I am using these more with my new tube amp which I recently bought, an Orange Signature #4 Jim Root Terror tube amp to pair up with my Blackstar HTV 112 equipped with Celestion Seventy80, a 2nd smaller rig I can use for rehearsals and little venues. This amp is ferociously loud.

    Effects chain is as follows, from right to left:
    1- Analog Alien FuzzBubble45-
    2- Spaceman Effects Atlas Booster III Preamp-
    3- Source Audio Lunar Phaser-
    4- ModTone Space Flanger-
    5- Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone Chorus-
    6- Shift-Line A+ Astronaut Space Reverb-
    7- J. Rockett Alien Echo Delay-
    8- DanElectro Chromatic Tuner
    9- Tech21NYC MIDI Mouse (used for my GM36)

    My new Fender Strat HSS/Floyd Rose-

    My new Orange tube amp-
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    Showcasing new gear here! Empty Re: Showcasing new gear here!

    Post by namklak on Fri Sep 23, 2016 4:20 pm

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