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    Grandmeister Deluxe 40 app available ? -Solved


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    Grandmeister Deluxe 40 app available ? -Solved Empty Grandmeister Deluxe 40 app available ? -Solved

    Post by spikey on Fri Oct 14, 2016 9:40 am

    Hi All 1st post here ! :sunny

    Im trying to get ready for the Grandmeister Deluxe 40's release in the states and just tried to find the App in the Apple App store for my iPad2.
    Its not there???

    According to H&K's site this app is available for download.
    Is this GM40 Remote app for the Grandmeister 40 deluxe not released yet?

    Please advise and HOWDY from Texas! cheers

    NVM- Found it. FYI Don't look for this app under the App store icon. Go to iTunes first, and then click on apps. From there it shows up for me.

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