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    Redbox Speaker Emulator


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    Redbox Speaker Emulator

    Post by yoMuzicMan on Thu Jun 12, 2014 9:43 pm

    Does anyone know what speaker the Redbox output of the GrandMeister 36 is supposed to emulated after?

    I have the TM112 cabinet with the V30, and I'd the V30 is noticeably brighter and more over-driven than the Redbox output. I plan on using the Redbox output most of the time during live performances, and I want my cabinet to sound more like the Redbox. I find that if I dial in a sound listening to the V30, then the sound from the Redbox isn't as aggressive. And if I dial in a sound listening to the Redbox output, then the V30 sound is too aggressive.

    I know the V30 speaker still needs to break in more, so I'll work on that to see if they match more after.

    Comments or suggestions?


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