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    Effects Issue


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    Effects Issue Empty Effects Issue

    Post by Phryght on Wed Dec 14, 2016 9:51 am

    First off....finally an H&K forum! Been a MESA user the last few years but am returning to the H&K family....

    So, I bought a "scratch and dent" GM36 the other day and got to play it last night. It sounded fantastic! However, I noticed about 20 mins in that when editing the effects, they completely stop working.
    I press FX Access, dial in some effects.... but after a random amount of time, I hear a click and the effects disappear. Sometimes the store button lights by itself as well. They will randomly come back as well. I have performed a factory reset, but still have the issue. I plan on returning to Musicians Friend today, unless someone has experienced this before and has a quick fix/solution.

    I plan on getting another 36 or a 40....sounds great and amazing pick tracking/response (something I have been fighting with my MESA amps).

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