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    Just arrived...


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    Re: Just arrived...

    Post by bish0p34 on Mon Jan 09, 2017 2:11 pm

    tas9195 wrote:Well they called and offered me a demo model for 200$ less but I have never been one to use something other people have driven if I don't know who it was and how it was used so I will just be patient

    As long as you get a warranty like-new, there should be no problem with this. I've done it with amps in the past and had no issues at all. Depends how much you want to wait for an unused one.

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    Re: Just arrived...

    Post by Phryght on Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:28 pm

    Phryght wrote:
    HwyStar wrote:No way!  You like the new beast better than the JP2C? That is VERY interesting to hear.

    Give us some of your reasons for liking it more than the JP2C please!

    Ok..Ok... I shouldn't have gotten that carried away. The JP2C is an awesome amp. But, I can really see myself ONLY using the Meister and the 1x12 for small stages/gigs. I have racked up quite the credit card debt on gear over the last 3 months, so I *might* have to sell the JP2C to alleviate some of that.

    I will say one area that the GrandMeister is really outperforming the JP2C right now (for me) is that pick tracking has never been better for me. On most of my amps I've ever had, it is a contstant battle to overcome the latency that I percieve between my picking and how my ears receive it. If there is any latency or resistence, my body tries to compensate for that by trying to play harder to get the notes to come through better. When that happens, I lose a great deal of efficiency. I've always had this issue, so it might be something in my brain.... but, the GM40 responds so fast that I'm really happy at the moment....

    The GM40 is of course a completely different modern voicing compared to the JP2C, so they can't really be compared except on a subjective basis.

    Well.... I did a quick A/B today with my GM40 and Helix and my JP2C and Helix.... I may very well sell my JP2C. The GM is just giving me more of what I want to hear....
    I have a full band rehearsal tonight, so I'll do another comparison at performance volume and in a full mix.

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