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    Anyone using a stereo set up?


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    Anyone using a stereo set up?

    Post by j200george on Wed Jan 18, 2017 7:00 am

    New to the forum, new to H&K.

    My previous rig was a Mesa LSS and Princeton 68 reverb, I use a Boss Es-8 for to switch effects in and out to cut down on the tap dancing. I use the ES-8 midi commands to switch in and out Eventide H9 effects as required. In this set up I would have my Princeton coming directly off of the es-8 OUT 1/R jack.

    Does any one use the H&K GM40 and another amplifier? If so do you connect direct from the back of the GM40 (line output)?

    I tried this and seem to be getting a lot of squeal at the Princeton, some of the default user patches are ok, others are just horrid.

    Its like the output is way too hot for the Princeton...

    Be interested to hear from anyone who has a similar set up or experience in these matters.

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