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    My Current Set Up.....


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    My Current Set Up..... Empty My Current Set Up.....

    Post by j200george on Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:52 am

    My Current Set Up..... HK%20rig_zpsigh5ohj3

    Hi Team, just thought I would share with the world my current set up in case any future GM40/ 36 owners have a similar set up....

    Before I had the GM40 I had a Mesa Lonestar Special. This was supplemented with a number of pedals hanging off of the ES-8.

    I have yet to use the amplifier live with my band but I am thinking that the way forward will be to set up a suite of presets for our set list and call each up via a simple PC command.

    I love the Es-8 and it is invaluable when using a lot of pedals as it cuts down on the tap dancing.... if I eventually reduce my reliance on pedals (due to the GM40s own channels and versatility) then I probably can sell on the ES-8... it may be overkill but I will see how things pan out in practice.

    Hopefully the image will come out correctly....looks a bit small...

    Of course I have left out the TM112 which is coming from the Speaker Out of the GM40, and for the purposes of clarity I have missed out an xotic SP and ISP Decimator II which are in line between the ES-8 and the GM40 in.

    *** swapped out the v30 of the tm112 for the celestion gold 12" that was in my mesa. Seems a lot nicer. Less harsh and the cleans are fuller.

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