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    Expression Pedals and the FSM-432 MKIII

    Bucky Festoon

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    Expression Pedals and the FSM-432 MKIII

    Post by Bucky Festoon on Sat Feb 25, 2017 9:16 pm

    Hey guys I could use some of your expertise solving a problem I am having using Boss FV-500H expression pedals.

    I am using a GM36 with a WMI-1 (wireless Midi connection) an iPad running the GM36 app and the FSM-432 MKIII midi pedal.

    I use the rig for gigging with my band in the Minneapolis area and it is awesome. I have had the rig for a bit less than a year and LOVE it!!!
    I typically run it in StompBox mode and use a few pedals (because I have them and I can). In my (and it seems everybody elses) quest for the ideal rig I have recently added the Expression pedals and they aren't functioning the way I think they should. I have them hooked up as follows:
    1. Expression Pedal 1 > Control 1 on the FSM-432 set to controller number 12 (Mod-FX Type) which to my way of thinking means that for each 25% of the pedals travel it would select a different Modulation Effect. So 0-25% would be Chorus, 26-50% Flanger, 51-75% Phaser, 76-100% Tremolo.
    2. Expression Pedal 2 > Control 2 on the FSM-432 set to controller number 1 (Modulation Intensity) here I would think that the full pedal travel would represent 0-100% intensity.

    I am using the iPad app and have the Show Values ON. Instead what I get is:
    1. Expression Pedal 1 goes immediately from Chorus to Tremolo somewhere near half way through the pedal travel. I can watch this transition on the iPad. Regardless of how minutely I move the pedal it just jumps from Chorus to Tremolo.
    2. Expression Pedal 2 maintains 0% for about 1/3 of its travel the goes very quickly to 100%. If I use my hand to minutely move the pedal I can almost get something between but this all occurs within about 1/8" of travel near the 50% of travel point.

    I have tried using TS-TS cables, TRS-TRS cables and even TS/TS to TRS Y cables with one TS plugged into the EXP jack and the other into the Input jack (the TRS end into the Control 1 or 2 jack).

    So my desired outcomes are:
    A. Expression Pedal 1 working so that "approximately" 0-25% would be Chorus, 26-50% Flanger, 51-75% Phaser, 76-100% Tremolo (4 sectors as the manual puts it.
    B. Expression Pedal 2 being 0% intensity when off (rocked back) and 100% when full-on (rocked forward).

    I appreciate any help you can offer.

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