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    GMD 40 malfunctions?


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    Post by aenima on Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:00 pm

    I thinks its highly unlikely that both my floorboard and the app dont work properly. it must have sth to do with the amp Sad

    im gonna try a hard reset.. first I will save the presets into my pc. then i will try to upload them to the resetted unit.. i need this thing working tomorrow.

    edit: no.. the factory reset seemed to help for a few minutes. then problems began to occur again: patches show different settings when i choose them, or next time boost is active on all patches.. etc this thing is seriously f**** up. gonna send it in for a replacement or back for good after my sound test tomorrow, which will kinda suck because I'm now stuck at one channel for this (edting per hand).

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