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    Help using the red box ae


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    Help using the red box ae

    Post by dnkngz007 on Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:53 am

    New user of the GM40DH! Love this amp so far. The tone is absolutely stunning! I live in an apartment currently though and am absolutely blown away by the power of this 40 watt powerhouse. It's bewildering! I am a night owl and have family that are normal and most of my neighbors are too (I think). One thing I'm not sure about how to use (as I'm not much into recording) is how do I use the red box ae? What kind of cable do I use? What do I plug said cable into? Like I said, I'm a night owl and would like to know how to use the 0 watt power soak function with headphones at night? What are my options? Do I need a cpu with a daw? Do I just need a mixer? Do I need a "audio interface"? Sorry if I sound like a noob on this topic but the manual of the amp doesn't offer a lot of specifics. Thanks in advance for any help or info on this matter!

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    Re: Help using the red box ae

    Post by aenima on Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:37 pm

    you can put it to any device that has something like a line-in or even a mic-in (line-in prefered). just adjust the output to mic or line out. cable: xlr to whatever your input is (cinch, etc.).

    examples: a small mixer with headphones out, your home stereo etc.

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