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    Carrying Case


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    Carrying Case

    Post by yoMuzicMan on Tue Aug 12, 2014 7:37 am

    I purchased a small carrying case for my GM36, footswitch, and accessories from Amazon.  It works pretty good and was affordable.  It's a soft case with a little padding around the case.  With everything in the case, it's gets kinda heavy, but I think it's strong enough to last.  If I run into issues, I'll reply back.  But so far so good.  This is just large enough for all of my gear.

    It's called the Lewis N. Clark Urban Gear Duffel Bag and runs around $45.  Here are a couple of images.  I have the amp, footswitch, cables, Shure wireless digital system, and other items in small pouches around the case.  Here's a link to the case at Amazon.


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    Re: Carrying Case

    Post by HwyStar on Wed Aug 13, 2014 5:48 pm

    Thanks for sharing Ral! Looks great.

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    Everlast Hold All

    Post by birkenhall on Mon Feb 15, 2016 6:35 am

    Just to add to this page I recently came across a new bag that size-wise is great. Not a great deal of padding but that has never been a huge concern for me when the GM36 comes with its own bag and I am not a tourer just a local gigs kinda chap.
    The bag is an Everlast hold all. I believe this is the model but would recommend going to the shop itself as mine was £20, not having a take measure to hand I can't check the dimensions. available here

    The main compartment is huge and a large enough opening to easily put the GM36 in with no bother. 2 side pockets one of which is designed to be a deep pocket if needed, should be roughly half the size of the main body when expanded. It is rather good for cables and the like. The other side pocket is just standard also good size to hold a few cables but i am using it for strings and tools. Small mesh pocket on the face of that which may prove useful. Finally the selling point from my POV. The front facing pocket, easilly big enough to fit the FSM 432 MkII .

    Let me know if you want pictures of it packed.

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    Re: Carrying Case

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