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    WMI-1 change from Access Point to Client Mode


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    WMI-1 change from Access Point to Client Mode

    Post by frankyguitar on Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:22 pm

    Hey folks,

    I' m a fresh owner of a GM40 which seems to be the perfect solution for me so far.
    The thing, I have my problems with is this little midi "wmi-1"
    I had no problem to get connection between iPad via "WMI-Connect Tool" to the WMI, but what has to be done, if I want to change to Client Mode.
    I tried eferything I could think about, without result so far.

    I use an router from AVM 7460 which is pretty much up to date, and iPad.
    I tried ot activate WPS but got no connection to my WMI
    I tried to manually switch to Home Network client, not success waiting waiting

    Does anybody has an idea or solution for me


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