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    Triamp III - Boost


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    Triamp III - Boost

    Post by gwilk13 on Mon May 01, 2017 2:07 pm


    I have had a Triamp III for a few months now and I really like it. However, I am disappointed in the boost function. The volume doesn't increase sufficiently. I can hear a tonal change and very slight volume increase, but I would prefer to have more. Ideally I'd like to have control for the amount of boost, but would settle for just another 3-4dB more. Does anyone know of any mods that can provide this?

    Failing a mod, I am working on adding a boost pedal in the send-return loop of the Triamp. I already use a TC Electronic G-System so it would have to be in series with the output of the G-System's Insert loop and the Return connection of the Triamp. The problem with that is that although I can turn the insert loop on and off, that will also disable all the effects that run after the preamp (i.e. in the send-return loop) - so to maintain one switch operation (FX and boost etc) the boost pedal needs to have an external switching capability that I can control from the G-System.

    The only pedal that comes close that I can find is the TC Electronic Nova Drive which is externally switchable from either MIDI or TRS cable. However, I'm having difficulty getting it to boost cleanly (perhaps not possible) or where it doesn't suck tone. I know that it was designed to sit before the preamp to push it harder in the overdrive setting and not for a clean boost.

    Does anyone know of an externally switchable boost pedal I can use, or has had experience with the Nova-Drive? Ot any other solution? :-)

    Thanks in advance,

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