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    Wmi-1 auto connected


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    Wmi-1 auto connected Empty Wmi-1 auto connected

    Post by j200george on Sun May 07, 2017 10:52 am

    Ok, had my issues in the past with iOS and wmi-1 and by and large it's been my fault. So it's with trepidation I post this, but yesterday at our rehearsal I plugged in my wmi-1 and gm40d and my iPad auto connected...

    I didn't have to open up settings and wifi and select the ssid of the wmi-1, I didn't have to open up the h&k connect app. All connected with no actions on my part.

    Is this a new feature of the latest iOS update?

    Seems bizarre and I didn't imagine it (honest).

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    Wmi-1 auto connected Empty iPad auto connect

    Post by Bull_Earwig on Fri Jun 30, 2017 2:25 pm

    I'm an iPad newbie, so I cannot comment on how iPads used to work.
    With my iPad and WMI-1, I find that my iPad will always connect OK unless I also tell it about my home WiFi, which is always on.
    So if you can avoid telling your iPad about any other networks, it seems you can expect it to have little or no trouble connecting.

    The side car app that comes with the WMI-1 seems almost useless, but it often seems to need to be opened first and allowed to find the connection before your GM36 Remote app can do anything.

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