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    Volume for Redbox out


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    Volume for Redbox out

    Post by davidteas1 on Mon May 15, 2017 9:45 am

    I've also messaged H&K with no reply yet.

    I have had a small problem using the GM live. There seems to be no way to separate the master volume and the redbox out volume. When playing live, as the night goes on and we all turn up, I sometimes turn up my master volume to balance the sound on stage. Since that also increases the Redbox out volume, it overdrives the gain on the PA board. Ugh.

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    Re: Volume for Redbox out

    Post by aenima on Sun May 21, 2017 5:48 pm

    so your bandmates are not miced? because if they turn up the volume, the pa guy would have to turn them down there too.
    it the problem is, that youre volume seems generally too loud then, maybe the microphone level output instead of line out level is for you?

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    Re: Volume for Redbox out

    Post by bordonbert on Mon May 22, 2017 7:23 am

    As an addition to Aenima's advice I can tell you that, as far as current circuit knowledge goes, the GM40D Redbox output is taken direct from the line after the output transformer somewhere within the Power Soak/Speaker Output connection, and it then goes through the optional speaker cabinet simulation section.  It will therefore be totally under the control of the Master Volume.  I agree with Aenima, his point is really one to think about.  It means the FOH guy on the PA should be continuously monitoring and adjusting the overall volumes as the night goes on, surely that is his job? A fairly empty bar/pub/club at the beginning of the set and a full one as the band pull people in is a common thing to find and levels will differ incredibly under those conditions.

    I thought there may have been a possibility that you could use the Power Soak to adjust the volume increase as this does not always affect the Redbox output in the GM36.  However, it looks as though the GM40D has been changed to take this ability out.  That's curious. As it took the Red Box feed direct from the output transformer before the power soak it used to have only the increase between 18W and 36W transferred through to the Red Box, as that meant the second pair of output valves kicking in. 1W to 5W to 18W which were done via the switched load resistors made no difference to the Red Box level so may have been usable for you.
    H&K GM40D Manual wrote:You can use the Red Box Out and Speaker Out simultaneously. The Red Box doesn’t just work in silent mode – it works in any of the Power Soak’s modes too. If you want to use the Red Box Out and Speaker Out together in a live situation, please make sure that all your channels and presets use the same Power Soak setting to avoid unwanted changes in the Red Box Out’s level!
    That seems to squash that idea!

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    Re: Volume for Redbox out

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