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    Changing Preset Names in Grandmeister Remote App


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    Changing Preset Names in Grandmeister Remote App Empty Changing Preset Names in Grandmeister Remote App

    Post by Bull_Earwig on Mon Jun 12, 2017 4:50 pm

    How many of you find changing names of your presets easy?

    I'm an IPad newbie, so I asked a friend with a lot of experience, and he thought the app was broken and had a lot of difficulty trying to initiate editing of a preset name.

    Now, the little Info notspot up in the left corner is really cool- it's worth your time to tap it and read it all. There it explains "To edit the preset name tap and hold the text window for at least three seconds."

    I was beginning to wonder just how long "at least three seconds" might be. If it's three seconds, just say that. If, in fact, your software takes 3.01 seconds, no one will notice.

    Until I read the three seconds advice I was wondering if I had pushed hard enough on the screen and tried pushing harder for much more than 3 seconds. If touch screen functionality fails there first, I'll know why.

    But I've finally reached the conclusion that if you push the button and then move your finger the tiniest amount in any direction, then you can leave your finger there forever and you will never, ever initiate editing.

    Go ahead and try this:
    1. Touch a preset name
    2. Slide your finger 3 mm to the right
    3. Hold your finger there until you are convinced nothing is going to happen.

    A similar thing happens in some Windows apps and it's really stupid: you're trying to do a double click, but make a micromovement between clicks.

    If you cannot loosen up the tolerances on finger stillness, would you please consider another means, perhaps an Edit button?

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    Changing Preset Names in Grandmeister Remote App Empty Re: Changing Preset Names in Grandmeister Remote App

    Post by bordonbert on Tue Jun 13, 2017 4:05 am

    My guess is that that is an operating system limitation and nothing to do with a fault in the app software. I write Windows/Linux software so I know how the system works for them though it may be different for an iPad setup with its touch screen.

    Usually the system sends code numbered messages out to be picked up by its running apps which are dependent on all of the "events" which are happening. These are picked up and checked by the apps which are running and the ones addressed to them are interpreted while the others are just ignored. If you tap the screen while using the GM36 app you will get a specific message for that app which your software picks up telling it that a tap has occurred and where on the screen which it can decode and act on. A double tap would send a different message and a swipe maybe another. There may even be a tap and hold message which will require the position to stay more or less fixed in position. My guess is that the app could recognise a tap message then check that it remains pressed and in the same position at the end of the three seconds. When your finger position shifts it will recognise that and interpret it as an abort of the naming process. What the app thinks you are doing is initiating a tap message then effectively turning it into a dragging action. You could program it to respond as you want by telling it to ignore any differences less than a certain number of pixels but that could get in the way of interpreting genuine dragging actions.

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