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    GMD40, FSM MkIII and Line6 M5


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    GMD40, FSM MkIII and Line6 M5

    Post by Syn666 on Tue Aug 01, 2017 1:14 pm

    Hi guys,

    For the styles I play the AM fulfills my needs. Yet I lack a compressor for Clean sounds.

    Been considering either a G-Lab BC1, ir a Line6 M5, since both can be controlled by MIDI, the ONLY difference being the BC1 has a MIDI Out/Thru. Also, is much more expensive than a M5, which I can buy/trade used here in Portugal.

    My question is how do I program the M5 via MIDI? FSM MIDI PC to GMD40, and GMD40 MIDI Out to M5 MIDI In?

    I want the M5 to change Compressor type/settings/on-off status when I change patches on the amp. Will be only using the M5 if front of the amp.

    Thanks in advance.

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