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    Triamp mk1


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    Triamp mk1 Empty Triamp mk1

    Post by WickedYoungMan on Sun Sep 07, 2014 2:02 pm

    So I picked up the H&K Triamp Mk1 with no footswitch used, expecting to just get the msm-1 midi module installed and they are discontinued, is there any other option to control the channels on the floor? Does any of the newer foot controllers work for the Mki? Could i get one modded? Any help/ advice appreciated thanks

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    Post by Psychofonic on Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:56 am

    Thomann still sells it. But I know your post is a bit old now...

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    Post by bordonbert on Fri Mar 09, 2018 8:07 pm

    Yep its a real zombie thread but still relevant if you think of others maybe coming looking for info at a later date. It is possible to set up other footswitches to act like the Triamp Mk1 version as long as they have the same basic setup. They would need to have 6 momentary switches for the channels, not latching types which are more usual, and a 7th single standard latching type for the Fx Loop. It would need to have at least a 9 line connection between the footswitch and the amp, terminated in a serial RS232 type Sub-D 9 pin connector at the amp end. The action is pretty simple.

    The Fx Loop control is simply to switch the Fx line to ground with the LED indicator in series with the switch.

    The channel switching is a little more complex. Permanent Ground and +22V lines are brought in on pins 1 and 5 of the footswitch socket. Each channel switch has its own control line which it momentarily shorts to ground to select that channel. Each channel switch has a line of channel indicator LEDs, (1 or 2 according to the channel designation, Clean 1/2 etc), and a small signal diode all in series. The cathode end of the line connects to the non-grounded side of the switch and the channel's control line. Each of the 6 anode ends of the LED strings are all connected to the +22V line. Each channel LED string is therefore controlled by the voltage on the top of the switch via its control line to the amp. The switch grounding the line is detected inside the amp and all of the other channel lines are switched to allow them to pull up to supply voltage turning their LEDs off. The amp holds the selected line down at ground keeping that selection active and keeping the relevant LEDs in the footswitch turned on.

    The whole Service Manual with schematics is out online in the public domain and the footswitch is included in that. Google is your friend!

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