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    Tubemeister 36 1 watt problem


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    Tubemeister 36 1 watt problem Empty Tubemeister 36 1 watt problem

    Post by Zaknafein76 on Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:00 pm

    Hi there guys!

    I've just bought a tubemeister 36. I've start playing at home switching the amp on 1 watt. Everything was ok...but after 5 minutes the volume suddenly become impossibly loud! I've checked and the Yellow light on 1 watt is normally on.

    Now i'ts impossible to use the amp at 1 or 5 watt...the red lights behind the amp are correctly lights when i use 36 and two red lights in switch mode...

    And apparently the master knob of lead and crunch has no effect...

    What happened?


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    Tubemeister 36 1 watt problem Empty Re: Tubemeister 36 1 watt problem

    Post by bordonbert on Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:19 pm

    Have you tried doing a factory reset?  It doesn't sound lik eit will do much to me but it is the starting point I would say.
    H&K TM36 Manual wrote:To reset the amp to the factory default settings, press and hold the MIDI LEARN and FX LOOP On buttons simultaneously for five seconds until the MIDI LEARN button lights up. After you release MIDI LEARN button, it will flash once to confirm that the reset has been executed properly.

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