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    Tubemeister 36 lead channel problem


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    Tubemeister 36 lead channel problem

    Post by Trinzul on Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:31 am

    I'm having a strange issue with my lead channel. Upon switching on the amp and letting it warm up for a few minutes the clean and crunch channels work perfectly. When I swap over to the lead channel it sounds very weak and has no punch. If I twist the volume knob it will produce crackle along with intermittent patches of higher volume depending on where the knob lands. Typically the problem gets better as the amp get pushed harder for a few minutes, but seems to always require twisting the lead channel volume knob a few times. It seems to be getting worse than it was when I first noticed it a few weeks ago and takes longer and more work to get back to a normal sound. I have replaced all of the tubes since experiencing it hoping that would make a difference but the problem persists even after the new set. Could it be the volume pot going bad? Any other thoughts?

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