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    Is the Redbox output better than speakers? Maybe there is another way to go!

    Graham G
    Graham G

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    Re: Is the Redbox output better than speakers? Maybe there is another way to go!

    Post by Graham G on Fri Dec 01, 2017 12:19 pm

    bordonbert wrote:Now interestingly you are using the DI there to get such a good sound.  That was the idea of my original question, is it better to use the DI into a clean flat featureless "hifi" style amp and speaker to allow only the H&K to set the tone and just amplify that up to the correct level.  That way you don't have any issues with speaker matching or driving them hard to a good non-linear level to get them to sing as well.

    I agree you have that Steppenwolf sound nailed but that is still a pretty high gain version of 'classic', maybe the original was relying on 'pedals' which were around at the time.  I used the quotes because not all of them were pedals in fact.  As an aside, I do remember buying one of the earliest distortion units which came out, the Vox Distortion Booster which you can see below.  Actually it was outright fuzz and, from what I remember, it just gave you a squarewave output without any real character no matter how you used it.  It was a small metal box with a fixed jack sticking out one of end which plugged straight into the guitar input socket.  The guitar itself then plugged into that and off you went.  Stomping was done with a slide switch on the side!  You youngsters are so-o-o-o spoiled nowadays! Rolling Eyes

    I'm not discounting that sound, the amp certainly does that magnificently and you can definitely say you nailed it but it still isn't the lower gain type of overdrive/distortion that I have in my head which is just more creamy and with a lower high frequency content.  (Maybe that is the limiting factor here, my head?)  I think I need to go back and do a reappraisal of the whole issue.  Maybe if I get a couple of reference sounds to chase and play the GM36 DI through my hifi I might learn something here.  I might just be remembering the GM sound through my experimental speaker selections.

    I'm still skulking around here reading all the GM40 posts,i still can't bring myself to order one of these(without a Dem),with the possibility I may have to return it as not suitable.
    Bordonbert I used one of those Vox boosters with my original AC30,but I plugged it into the Amp input,with the Guitar plugged into the booster?,i thought it gave a pretty good fuzzy sound typical of that time,except I had a problem with the jack snapping off in the input,so I gave up with it.

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    Re: Is the Redbox output better than speakers? Maybe there is another way to go!

    Post by bordonbert on Fri Dec 01, 2017 4:42 pm

    Haha! Snapping off, that was exactly the problem a few of us had at that time. For a tiny couple of transistors circuit it sure was a huge long box to choose so pointing straight up or straight outwards was asking for an accident to happen. I think my own went that way too in the end.

    Now I've just done an interesting experiment. I've hooked the GM36 up via its DI box, (first time the DI has ever been used), to a powered PA monitor I have just fixed for a friend and what do you know. At first thrash the tone, distortion characteristics and feel are strikingly different. I genuinely think this may be a way to get round the speaker matching issues until you find that magic combination that really works for you. Now, it isn't all plain sailing and absolutely clear. At the moment I can only use it from the DI into a Mic level input and that is stretching the input circuitry of the monitor. It does have a line level input but it is TRS only. When I can knock up a XLR to TRS Jack lead tomorrow I'll give it a fairer test. This really is quite a hopeful result for me.

    I also have a daft idea which offers a peculiar little twist on the speaker cabinet connection too which I'm playing with at the moment and I'll post the idea sometime soon in the "any other business" section just to see what others think.

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