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    grandmeister 36 remote premium for andoid


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    grandmeister 36 remote premium for andoid Empty grandmeister 36 remote premium for andoid

    Post by phil31 on Sat Jan 27, 2018 8:50 am


    I am french and my english is approximate, I own the grandmeister 36 and I love the sound of this amp
    I wanted to ask you a question about your ''Grandmaster remote 36'' i've downloaded the free version but i saw a premium version is available but i can't buy it from the playstore because is not available naw, i searched but i have'nt found it. I have android 7 so, so how and where i can download it the premium version?
    because the download version is not complete
    If someone has the premium version installed on an andoid tablet I am a premium app taker in ".APK" (handle to save the andoid apps link
    with "APK installer)



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