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    Post by Soundcast on Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:35 am

    I've owned a pair of TM 36 amps for over a year. The reasons that I have 2, and all of the configurations that I've been through are not important. I've dumbed it down to a simple setup. Here's where I'm at, wanting to know if any of you have been through similar exercises trying to make this work via midi as advertised.

    Gear: Rocktron All Access MIDI controller, works great with everything else I own. TC Electronics G Major.

    Issue No. 1: Using the LEARN feature. Some switches on the controller will not allow the amp to LEARN a patch with the FX on, others will

    Issue No. 2: I've set the TM 36 middle channel to 10. With channel 10 turned off at the controller, why is it that the TM 36 is switching through presets as I scroll through CC numbers for the G Major? It is acting as if it is in omni mode.

    Issue No. 3: While the TM 36 Manual provides a list of the 20 or so "built-in" factory presets, the presets are activating while scrolling through CC number in the 40's, 50's, 60's, etc. Is there a way to eliminate all of the factory presets?

    Issue No. 4: The manual states that the factory default MIDI setup is either OMNI or Ch 1, but gives no indication as to how to switch between the two.

    Overall the problem is that I am unable to get the TM 36 to work exclusively on its own MIDI channel. Any CC numbers sent on a separate channel to the G Major, or Rocktron Prophesy II, or GCX Ground Control affects changes in the TM 36, even though its channel is turned OFF.

    Any insights are greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    Post by normula1 on Tue Jan 20, 2015 5:52 pm

    it sounds to me like your amp has OMNI enabled as well as being set to a specific channel. Page 15 of the manual describes how to turn it off.



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