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    Connecting the GM to my Axe


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    Connecting the GM to my Axe Empty Connecting the GM to my Axe

    Post by kave01 on Wed Aug 08, 2018 12:49 pm

    Anybody tried to connect these two?

    1. Tried through the FX send/return but then I wont get the red box emulation and the drive stage out and must find cap to this problem in the Axe (would rather go with the red box)
    2. Tried to guitar in the GM and use the DI out to go to instrument in on the Axe. Like that I cannot use any FX blocks in the Axe before the amp (ex Wah dosn't work after the Amp)
    3. Tried to go with instrument in the Axe input. FX send from Axe to input in the GM. GM DI (red box) to the Axe FX return. That generated a hiss high pitch sound like levels were not correct. (could eliminate it by turning the treble way down but not the way to go I think.

    I actually trying to have a wet/dry/wet system but stopped at the problems 1/2/3.

    Anybody have an idea as it seems something keeps on going wrong or have to miss out on something when it works.

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    Connecting the GM to my Axe Empty Re: Connecting the GM to my Axe

    Post by slmadsen on Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:01 am

    It sounds like you want to use 4cm with the Axe and the GM
    1. Guitar to Axe input
    2. Axe FX send to GM input (remember to enable the FX loop on GM)
    3. FX send on GM to Axe FX Return
    4. Axe output to GM FX Return
    5. Use the speaker out to a cab or the RedBox to a mixer (remember to turn the speaker off on the power soak)

    The FX loop on the GM is serial, so I doubt you'll have any luck in setting up a W/D/W

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