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    'demand' for sharing presets - let H&K know!


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     'demand' for sharing presets - let H&K know! Empty 'demand' for sharing presets - let H&K know!

    Post by jimmybond on Tue Oct 02, 2018 9:29 am

    I was messaging with H&K and bugged them again about sharing presets in a formal space (not just screenshots here)

    They replied, late Sept 2018: "yes, we are working on a preset sharing platform. The new Black Spirit amp has them too, you see, and we realize screenshots are not ideal. The new Spirit presets will be available as downloads directly from the product page too. We may also implement this for the GM40, depending on demand! So far we only have them as a big PDF download on there."

    I am not holding out hope for GM40 sharing as it sounds like they might just make this a Spirit feature...but if you want this, write them so that we can document the 'demand'

    You can reach them on facebook by sending a message, they are very cordial and responsive there. (

    cross posted on both the GM36 and GM40 forums to reach users of each.

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