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    Digitech Trio+ - effects loop?


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    Digitech Trio+ - effects loop?

    Post by Larcos_Unal on Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:33 am

    Hi everyone, loving my GM36 so far. Switched out the tubes and it's made a noticeable difference to my ears at least. I used to play a Mesa F30 and while it was a great little amp, it just didn't give me variety of tones I was looking for. I'm working on my presets with the controller and it is a breeze once you get used to it...very good sounding effects and I'm digging the dirty channels.

    One question I have is, anybody know how to hook up the digitech trio band in a box pedal? I've tried different combinations on the effects loop and I'm not having any luck. Any help would be appreciated.


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