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    New GM40 user here !


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    New GM40 user here !

    Post by DarkDevil on Fri Oct 19, 2018 2:21 am

    First off all let me present me. I am canadian from Quebec (yes frenchy) and i'm a new owner of a GM40.
    I also have the HK tm212 with the two v30 in it Rolling Eyes
    I found the sound of the HK cab very mid heavy, and also very directional (the sound seem focused only a the exit of the cab, no dispertion)I dont know if it's the cab or the sepaker. For some testing i took out the two v30 and put in my 4x12 marshall 1960 cab in x pattern with g12-t75. The result is very better from the simple two v30 in the 2x12 hk. There is projection of the sound and it's less mid heavy (due to the t75 that balanced i guess).

    BUT i preferebly want to use the simple 2x12. Wich speaker are recommenced. I love mid, but not OVER MID, and i want a sound that is not hyper directionnal, i want the sound to fill my room.

    I read many topic, made many searh i can not make me an idea.

    Greenback, creamback, gh30
    mix v30/gh30
    mix v30/classic lead

    i play ad/dc, Gary moore, hardrock  and pop rock ect.... i'm not into big METAL.

    I almost bought 2 greenback g12m and after i see that there is not much bass  in these speaker so i backoff.

    I surely dont want speaker that will increase the shrilless fizzy side of the amp.

    If it's the cab the probleme i will keep my 4x12 and throw 2 other that could paired well with the v30.

    Bref wich speaker are good for gm40 and which one i must run away (i read that this amp is really sensitive to speaker choice), what are your experience with that ?

    Idealy it will be for the tm212 cause i wish i could make sound this cab big with great selection of speaker. But if it's not possible i will keep the 4x12.

    Thanks a lot !

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    Re: New GM40 user here !

    Post by costalot on Fri Oct 19, 2018 1:49 pm

    Just a hunch but did you try putting one of the g12-t75's in the TM212 with a v30?

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    Re: New GM40 user here !

    Post by grimm26 on Fri Oct 19, 2018 2:12 pm

    All guitar speakers are directional. The best advice to help with that is to get a partially or fully open back cab. I use a THD 2x12 (partially open back) with my GM40. I have WGS speakers, an ET65 and a Retro30. These speakers are working well for me.

    You can also find 2x12 cabinets that allow you to remove partial or bull backing so you can tailor the cab to how you want it to perform in the room you are in.

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    Re: New GM40 user here !

    Post by DarkDevil on Fri Oct 19, 2018 2:23 pm

    No didint try a t75 with a v30 in the 2x12. But 2 t75 in the 2x12 is not as bad as it was in the 4x12. With the 2 t75 in the 2x12 the sound is less directional then the v30. I almost like most the tm212 with the t75.

    I will try a 1 v30 and 1 t75 in the 2x12. My 4x12 is a closed back and the souns dispersion os very well.

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    Re: New GM40 user here !

    Post by solidwalnut on Mon Oct 29, 2018 11:48 am

    Hi DarkDevil--

    I have the GM40 and the 1x12 cab.

    I couldn't adjust the mid-scream out of the stock Celestion Vintage 30 to my liking.  So I replaced it with a WGS Veteran 30, which is a direct replacement that addresses that mid-scream.  I really love it.  

    Since you have the 2x12, try mixing the WGS Veteran 30 and the WGS Retro 30 and see what you think.


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    Re: New GM40 user here !

    Post by DarkDevil on Wed Oct 31, 2018 2:05 am

    After many try and fail i resolve my problem.

    First, Greenback sound very nice with this amp and a lot more nice in my 4x12. So i will keep greenbacks in my 4x12.

    Second, JJ power tube quad matched and jj preamp tube, V1 5751, v2 ecc83, v3 ecc83 balanced triode. I will try also a 5751 in V2 to tame the gain a bit more. My sound is very organic and woody now. No more harshness and fizz, i need to raise mid and treble now, not to put it at almost nothing. I can go from hard rock and heavy stuff to fat blues without problem.

    The major sound change was with the speaker, and also the cab. But the valve was like the cherry on the cake.

    And also if someone want to know, i also try to take the two v30 in the tm212 and put it at the bottom of my 4x12 and two greenback on the top, and seriously that was killer sounding, the v30 seems to like to be a the bottom of this cab and the greenback smooth all the sound. That was no way harsh and fizzy in this setup. More mid bites but not waful like when they where in the tm212. I almost liked more then just greenback.

    I finally love so much this amp now, i was a the limit to regret it, but now wow this thing sound really good.

    Dont forget speaker and cab affect the sound more more more then valve swap.

    Thanks !

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    Re: New GM40 user here !

    Post by Jonasty on Sun Nov 11, 2018 1:02 pm

    I also play through a gm40 deluxe. I use a single celestion cl80 in an open back cab and the tone is spectacular for classic rock with articulate and smooth mid range.

    In my open back 2x12 I use a cl80 and a greenback, and it's ok, I can project enough for small to medium rooms without mic'ing. It's decent but doesn't quite compare to the tone of the 1x12. Not sure why?

    I also have a closed back 4x12 with two vintage greenbacks and two brand new Eminence Allesandro GA-SC64 in an x pattern. It's a really nice blend for my amp and playing style, and the huge amount of mids (and abundant treble naturally available in the amp) so I can cut through the mix very well, or if so want to play heavy I can get a bit of thump from the GA's. The GA's are very reasonably priced for the quality.

    Swapped tubes also. All in all I'm happy enough to not bother spending any more cash, but I may try changing the speaker patterns around, never thought that would make a difference but it's a good idea.

    Happy tone hunting!

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    Re: New GM40 user here !

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