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    Dying again...


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    Dying again... Empty Dying again...

    Post by angleiron on Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:46 pm

    My first unit started having intermittent problems where the volume would drop up, then in a minute or 2 come back until finally 1 day it would power up but no sound on any channel. Called Sweetwater where I had bought it because I only had it a couple of months and it was doing it from day 1 (just not as bad) so they sent me a new one. Had the replacement now for 7 months, and this morning the problems are starting all over again. Turned it on and nothing but low volume clean on the Lead channel. If I switch to any of the other channels nothing. No distortion available, and if I press the Boost while on Lead all I get is a little bit more volume but a lot of hum noise.

    I like this amp...but I can't keep going through this once a year. Never been gigged, sits in one spot so no possible abuse. Any ideas as to what the deal is?

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    Dying again... Empty Re: Dying again...

    Post by bordonbert on Tue Dec 11, 2018 8:43 am

    Hi Angleiron, sorry to miss you for so long but things are pretty hectic here at home at the moment. I've not seen anything which suggests this is at all a common problem with the previous H&K models. There are possible software causes and hardware causes so I would start by doing a few simple things to try to tie the area down.

    Firstly, do a software reset. Make sure to copy or save any specific voices you have created and stored before you do as the reset will put all of the internal voices back to the factory originals and your own will be lost - forever!

    The procedure for the factory reset is in the manual but for the record it is... Press “Store” and “FX Access” simultaneously while powering the amp up by using the Power/On switch. Both buttons will flash to indicate the successful factory reset.

    This should rule out the chance that it is a software corruption problem.

    If that makes no difference then we need to check out the current state of the valves. Have you swapped these out for new ones or are they all as original? Are you confident at removing and replacing valves in your GM40? It's a pretty basic standard procedure as long as you follow the correct method for opening the lid up so you don't void your warranty.

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