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    LED indicator in generic footswitch


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    LED indicator in generic footswitch Empty LED indicator in generic footswitch

    Post by bordonbert on Mon Apr 06, 2015 10:38 pm

    As I posted in a previous thread, I use two Thomann generic FS2 footswitches to control channel selection and reverb/effects loop.  These have no indicators as to their current selection and I would like to add these.

    Adding LEDs is a piece of cake to normal circuitry and I have no problem with that.  However I have found reference to phantom powering and the TM36.  I know this is available on the midi line to power the TSK-432 but the reference seemed to link it with the footswitch lines which makes no sense to me.  Can anyone offer any info on that aspect as it would make the whole thing a half hour of work?

    I had assumed that the lines from the amp to the footswitch were just sensing an open or shorted condition.  The term phantom powering doesn't seem to apply.  I want to be sure that putting a LED and current resistor across the switch as other sites seem to recommend isn't going to affect the sensing on the line.

    Any help appreciated.

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