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    TubeMeister 18 effect loop



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    TubeMeister 18 effect loop

    Post by ahead-fr on Tue Apr 07, 2015 10:37 am

    Hi everyone,
    I am the proud owner of a brand new Tubemeister 18 that i bought 1 month ago.
    One of the reasons i choose this amp was the effect loop, which is not so common on a small full tube and low wattage amp...

    Before buying this tubemeister head, i was playing a blackstar HT-5RH, that was too 'metal metal sounding' for me...
    My rig consists of using a BOSS RC-3 loop pedal in the effect loop. to record a loop in clean channel and then switch to the lead channel to work on my solos...
    This is where my issue is... When i record a loop on the clean channel (clean chords for example) and then set the playback volume of the recorded loop at almost the same level on the clean channel everything is ok, but when i want to switch for soloing on the lead channel, the volume of the playback loop is boosted at the same time i switch the channel. This is a slight boost, but a very annoying one... ! It seems that the amp rises the volume of the effect loop at the same time i switch the channel. That makes the playback clean loop too loud to correctly overdub on it...
    With exactly the same setup, with my previous blackstar HT-5 head (that i sold) the loop level never changed when switching between the channels of the amp...
    Do you think my tubemeister has an issue and needs a repair, or is it a known issue of the tubemeister series ???

    Do you think that a device as the Morley effect loop corrector will work ?

    Thanx for your answers Wink


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    GM 36 effects Post-loop

    Post by trifonius on Sat Aug 29, 2015 5:26 pm


    Do you have any answers on this?
    I am using a Boss loop channel in exactly the same way with my GM 36, and what I see is that after switching for soloing some of the effects are added to the loop.
    Another user said this is because the built in fx are post-loop.
    To me this is really weird; WHY would the fx be post loop? That's just the idea isn't it, to have a signal bypass the fx??

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