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    Grandmeister 36 volume issue


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    Grandmeister 36 volume issue  Empty Grandmeister 36 volume issue

    Post by Neal on Fri Sep 01, 2017 2:59 pm

    Hey folks. Hopefully someone has an idea as to where I might go with my volume issue. Quite simply was playing an hour ago, everything fine. Next thing I turn on the amp and my volume is weedy. Still the same tone, distortion and some delay, but just weak and distant. The tubes seem fine and the TSC is operating as it should. The interesting thing is the loops I'd recorded play perfect volume, so the amp seems fine playing recorded loops but the direct guitar input is distant and weedy sounding. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious but I'm really not that technical minded where electronics are concerned! I'm playing through 2x112 cabinets Cheers.

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