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    Tap Delay In Stombox Mode


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    Tap Delay In Stombox Mode Empty Tap Delay In Stombox Mode

    Post by CaptainJelly on Tue Jun 19, 2018 7:55 am

    Have recently been trying out stompbox mode (only been using preset mode since I bought it a year of so ago!) and am really enjoying it. Love being able to boost, add chorus or delay to any channel with a tap of a button rather than having to make loads of presets for each channel (one with delay on, one with chorus on, one with boost on, one with delay and boost on, etc. etc.)

    The only thing I really miss is the tap delay function. Such a shame that you can't do tap delay in stombbox mode. So I guess this is really a suggestion of something H & K could add in the future, could they just upgrade the FSM footboard to do it?

    So there we go. Oh, unless you can use tap dealy in stompbox and I haven't found out how! If so I would be more than happy to be proven a fool for even writing this!

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