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    Lead Tone - screaming feedback


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    Lead Tone - screaming feedback

    Post by hendrixt on Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:04 am

    Hey - recently purchased grandmeister 36. Great amp. Just having a problem with the lead tone - I get screaming feedback which, even with careful muting is difficult control. Seems every time my fingers leave the strings the guitar screams and I can only completely stop it by muting with both hands. Tried different guitars so I am sure it's the way I have set this patch up (the values are as shown on the APP) Here are the settings - can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong;

    Reverb - 12. Slight delay. No other effects
    Presence - 40
    Resonance - 67
    Noise gate ON
    Treble 62
    Mid. 54
    Bass. 81
    Volume 83
    Gain 51
    Boost ON
    Channel LEAD

    I am using a n Epiphone LP guitar with stock pickups.

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