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    A great example of what can be done with a Grandmeister Ultravox Midge Ure


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    A great example of what can be done with a Grandmeister Ultravox Midge Ure

    Post by Irocdave12 on Sun Jun 04, 2017 3:06 pm

    Been meaning to post this for a while. Saw Midge Ure at world cafe in Philadelphia pa last year. He used nothing but a GM 36, the midi footswitch, Marshall cab and a few different guitars. He played a huge variety of music styles and different tones all night long. He has definitely mastered the GM and his presets. There are tons of videos on YouTube from the night other than my link if you're wanting to hear the other tones he was getting from his 36. Not an effects pedal insight. It was pure HK tones


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    Re: A great example of what can be done with a Grandmeister Ultravox Midge Ure

    Post by bordonbert on Mon Jun 05, 2017 8:02 am

    Good heads up ID, that looks a good gig.  Midge Ure gives a good lesson on how to do a lot with simple arrangements and sparse playing, and I really mean that as a compliment, not as a backhanded insult in the "damned by faint praise" line.  I love the way Ure is no guitar snob either.  He lends his name to the economy "Vintage" brand LP at about £400 over here.  He says he uses them out of the box without special setup and he makes them sound great.  I played with a guy who bought one and I can confirm, they are really good guitars full stop not just for their price.  They play and sound great.

    That said, I can't see that the vids I've found of that concert show a "huge variety of music styles and different tones" as you said.  Starman, New Europeans, Fade To Grey, Hymn, Vienna, Become, All Stood Still, Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, all seem to use the same modern rock sound with very little real difference other than the effects a couple of times.  Maybe there are just no vids available of the numbers you mean.  The GM36 does a fantastic job of giving that sound but it doesn't really show me anything else I look for.  Is there anything available which you have found which does show what you mean about the range of tones?

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