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    Live Redbox Out


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    Live Redbox Out

    Post by yoMuzicMan on Sun Oct 19, 2014 10:30 pm

    Played another show today asking the sound guy to try the Redbox out of my gm36. He was skeptical, but at the end of the show said it sounded fantastic. I'm getting more and more sounds guys to like this setup.


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    Re: Live Redbox Out

    Post by limedrop on Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:25 am

    Great to hear! What do you do for monitors? Do you listen to the mix or just use your amp speaker?

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    Re: Live Redbox Out

    Post by yoMuzicMan on Tue Oct 21, 2014 9:00 am

    At most events, my H&K cabinet (2x12) is loud enough to be my monitor for the guitar. The master volume of the GM36 is never higher than around 10 o'clock. I've never added my guitar to the monitor mix in front of me. But the other guys in the band sometimes add my guitar to their monitors.

    The last sound engineer even said the my tone coming from the RedBox output to the PA was pleasantly warm. He was expecting a harsh distortion sound.

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    Re: Live Redbox Out

    Post by gravydb on Tue Oct 21, 2014 9:49 am

    Ah, some Red Box love!

    I'm a Red Box convert and have been for about 25 years since I first started gigging. Back then I used a little Red Box with my conventional amp head & cab, to send a direct signal to PA. I wanted no parts of mic'ing my rig every night under what were usually less-than-ideal stage conditions, and the Red Box gave me peace of mind that I was always sending a consistent signal to the PA. Does it sound as good as an expertly placed mic under ideal conditions? IMO, no, it's not supposed to and it doesn't claim to be. I've played several hundred shows and I can probably count on two hands how many of those stages were "ideal" as far as mic'ing up a rig. The Red Box is a life saver.

    Fast forward to a couple years ago when I bought a TM18 head and of course I started using the built-in Red Box at every live performance. I have yet to find a single sound guy who hasn't been thrilled with the results. Some have even thanked me! I tend to keep the amp volume at about 9 o'clock which is perfect for most venues, not over-powering or interfering with the FOH mix at all, and I ask for a little in my monitor. Viola!

    I recently sold my TM18 and now have a GM36, but I haven't gigged it yet. I have no doubt the Red Box will work beautifully!

    Edited to add: A little tip... the signal from the Red Box is LINE LEVEL and if the PA board or recording interface does not have a line level input, then you should attenuate the signal approx -40dB, otherwise the signal will be too hot, and harsh/brittle sounding.


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    Re: Live Redbox Out

    Post by meph8 on Thu Jan 08, 2015 6:04 pm

    I am new to GM36. It sound fab in my 2*12 V30 cab.

    When I try to record in my DAW the DI out sounds very sterile. I know it emulates modern/vintage cab, but the sound, it is like you press your ear against a speaker cone.
    Live I can imagine the sound will travel from PA to human ear over the distance and sound pretty good, but recording with headphones it sounds unfamiliar and
    not really "playfull". The sound almost fight against you. Thats the feeling.

    H&K themselfs says, this is the sound from "a cabinet" not a micked cabinet with ambience.

    So how do you guys go from that sound to a "record ready" sound?

    I saw a video on Youtube from H&K where they put some EQ on the DI sound, then an impulse of a micked 4*12 cabinet.
    That would maybe create some ambience but it seems like where going through 2 cab sims. They H&K put someroom reverb on that.

    I did the same with LeCab and 2*12 V30 impulse, followed by a roomreverb in SERIE with the sound, in that way I could color the closed micked sound in the "room"
    Seems a bit concoluted to do like this. Is there a better way?

    I mean , we have a sound of a cab from GM36. All we should need is the EQ of a mick in a room, to get where we have a nice final sound.

    Any comments?


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    Re: Live Redbox Out

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