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    Factory Reset issue



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    Factory Reset issue

    Post by tplesko on Fri Jun 05, 2015 1:11 pm

    Hi all, hopefully unrelated to the topic I just posted, my factory reset doesn't seem to be working. When I got the amp last week I ran a reset and I am quite sure it worked as holding the Store and FX Access buttons on power up resulted in 3 flashed lights and the preset settings matched exactly what they are on the H&K website (the screenshots of all of the factory settings).

    I renamed one of the presets using the app and now when I try a factory reset the lights do not flash as they once did and also the preset name I changed remains, so I believe it is not working as it most recently did.

    The only change I made was using the Windows app that is on this forum but that is simply a visual midi editor so I don't think that was any root cause. Cool program by the way (whomever designed it). I love it,

    Any advice welcome on my factory reset issue. I can define what the lights are doing - when I hold them in they stay lit and when I release after 3+ seconds they stay lit. I have to click one of them to get them to turn off. Odd, I hope something is not wrong as I just got the amp Sad


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