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    TriAmp MKIII


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    TriAmp MKIII Empty TriAmp MKIII

    Post by HwyStar on Thu Aug 20, 2015 6:16 pm

    Great video by Tom Quayle about the new Mk III.  Tom can make anything sound good that he plays; but beside that, the new amp does everything.  Except it doesn't have any built in effects.  This amp would rule everything if it had studio grade effects built into it!

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    TriAmp MKIII Empty Re: TriAmp MKIII

    Post by WhiskeyMike on Thu Oct 08, 2015 4:18 pm

    Truth! I would be looking for a buyer for a kidney if it had all that it has plus the GM36 effects.

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    TriAmp MKIII Empty Re: TriAmp MKIII

    Post by bish0p34 on Wed Oct 21, 2015 1:51 pm

    That would be awesome, but probably add in another $1000 to the price tag. I'd be happier for a good power soak. I have the MKII, and it's still too loud for most gigs.

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    TriAmp MKIII Empty Re: TriAmp MKIII

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