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    For Sale - Grandmeister 36 and FSM432 MK-lll Foot Controller!


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    For Sale - Grandmeister 36 and FSM432 MK-lll Foot Controller!

    Post by mmiddei on Thu Feb 11, 2016 3:18 pm

    Hey folks,
    I'm selling my mint condition Grandmeister 36 and the H & K FSM432 MK-lll midi foot-controller. I purchased both in July of 2015 along with Guitar Center's 2 yr. transferable extended warranty which is good until July 2017, another year and a half of full coverage.

    I absolutely love the Grandmeister 36 which is a killer sounding amplifier, however 2 months ago I purchased the Line 6 Helix multi-effects processor. The Helix also blew me away so I had to make the tough choice of which to keep. For me Helix is just a better fit as most of what I do is studio writing and recording, the vast array of amp models and effects cover everything I need in one compact pedalboard... I really hate to sell the GM 36 but it makes no sense to keep both.

    If anyone is interested I'll make you a great deal on the package, Grandmeister 36 and FSM432 foot-controller and 1 1/2 year full coverage warranty...
    Please reply to this post to contact me and thanks for your interest!

    Kind regards,
    Mike Middei
    Bethlehem, PA

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