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    Grandmeister 36 User Presets


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    Re: Grandmeister 36 User Presets

    Post by mm408 on Sun Apr 12, 2015 6:13 pm

    I have my 4 channels pretty much set using Stompbox mode, then I also saved them in the preset mode so I would have them that way as well.
    Then I took a majority of the presets from the factory, tweaked them, and renamed them. Basically using their method of channel, then each effect etc.
    I believe I am up to 20-24 of those now. Still some more to do of course.

    Once I have them ready I will share those when they have the site sharing tool setup.

    Right now I have only played live 2 times, so I have only been working in Stompbox mode,,, that has been fun, but I can see where I will want to expand and be more flexible.

    One thing I can say so far, this thing is so easy to use that I actually have no issue changing settings via the front knobs while playing a song! And the really nice thing H&K did is that each Stompbox channel setting is automatically remembered! So there is no need to even push the Store button,, just tweak,, and you are done... just like a regular amp, except that this one remembers what you did for each channel.... AWESOME.

    I do wish the Delay and Trem timing settings were somehow displayed on the amp. I know there are certain songs where I want a specific ms dialed in. But I think for that kind of delay work I will probably bring out my TC Electronic delay and put it in the FX loop anyway. Right now all I have is the midi footboard, a TC Electronic mini tuner and a Joe Meek Compressor pedal. I did back off the compressor level a little since the amp will add plenty of that in the Lead and Ultra channels anyway and a little bit in the Crunch too. I do not want to have to switch it on and off, but it nicely evens out my signal and works well with effects because of that.


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    Re: Grandmeister 36 User Presets

    Post by seve on Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:05 am

    i'm confused! Mad

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